Mary began her art career studying exhibition design in London. She moved to Cornwall in 1979. During the eighties she ran her own interior design company which included painted furniture and murals. She attended Falmouth College of art where she attained a B.A.Hons in Fine Art.

She now works from her studio on the Lizard.  The foundation of her work  is the love of this unique landscape.  She takes elements of the environment, explores the literal quality and by a process of deconstruction and reassembling she retains the elements through line and colour.

Each piece of work is a journey, evolving and gradually responding to the original marks she makes, building up with various mediums through layering and blending.  She aims to create an harmonious feeling with a sense of energy.  The colours of our environment are so diverse and the accentuation of these hues along with spontaneity bring a piece of work alive.

She feels it is important for the viewer to interpret the work through their own perception but still feel a sense of place in the finished painting.  She tries to capture the essence of the place through paint and print, one enhancing the other, evolving the work as an emotional response to the subject.

Mary is an associate member of the Penwith Gallery, St Ives and exhibits her work with Lizard Art Group at The Stableyard Gallery on the Trelowarren Estate. www.lizard